Hyrox in Utrecht

Where cardio meets strength  *Now at CrossFit U1*  HYROX is a “New Global Fitness Race”that combines together these 3 elements of fitness: Functional strength High-intensity interval training  And classic endurance  CrossFit and Hyrox are a great fit together. We aim to cover all aspects of…

New Strength Program

Getting Stronger because no one wants to be weak!   Is your aim to get stronger in 2023? Are you already looking for a Strength program to follow? If your answer is YES to either or both of these questions, then read further.  We believe…

U1 Fundamental Classes

CrossFit U1 offers a unique on-ramp program, consisting of 12 classes, these are our U1 Fundamentals, covering the standard, fundamental movements of CrossFit. Check out the dates, follow the classes and check them off your checklist. This is a great start to CrossFit in combination…

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Workout of the day. Elke dag wordt de WOD getoond in je app, 
je hoeft alleen maar te klikken op de dag waar je geïnteresseerd in bent.