Breathwork in Utrecht

  • feb 12, 2024
  • CrossFit U1

From a physical perspective your breathe is your connection to life.  

Conscious Connected Breathing is a method used to integrate suppressed thoughts and emotions. This can free your body from physical tension, emotional blockages, stress and trauma.  

During the breathing session, you learn to breathe fully in your belly and chest area.  

Through this technique, you take in more oxygen, this reaction allows stuck emotions (blocked and or subconscious energy) to be touched upon and brought to the surface to a higher conscious level of awareness. 

Breath work is a powerful and valuable tool, you can learn to use. We all experience complaints in our lives, we can work through these together one breath at a time in a safe, trustworthy space. 

Breath work helps with a variety of life situations, we find ourselves in: 

Stress  Burn out  Depression  Anxiety  Fatigue / sleep problems  Problems expressing yourself  

Anger  Asthma  Concentration problems  Fear of failure  Negative beliefs  

Stored and unprocessed emotions  Lack of (self)confidence


A connected breathing session brings deep relaxation, both mentally and physically. As a result, you feel freer, experience more space and have a more positive outlook on life. 

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Bring awareness into your daily life, connect to how you breathe. 

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Conscious Connected Breathing 

We breathe by laying down on our back, while breathing in and out of the mouth. Our inhale begins deep in the belly and works up to the chest, with our exhale being completely relaxed. There is no pause before the next inhale, and no holding before the exhale; a continuous breathing pattern without pausing.  

Respect and honour your breathing. 

We enter the world with a breath, and the process of breathing continues automatically for the rest of our lives. Breathing is an involuntary action, and we don’t usually give it much thought, the way we breathe has an enormous impact on our health. Because breathing is an innate bodily function that most of us take for granted, it only gets our attention when we notice something is not right or we experience difficulties. However, minute-by-minute, breath fulfils its vital role, providing the body with oxygen, regulating physical mechanisms in the lungs, heart, and blood vessels, and even moderating the stress response. 

What to expect: 

  • We will start with an intake including enough time to ask any questions
  • Everything will be explained, for example how your body reacts to this type of breathing.
  • I will be with you at your side, guiding you through-out your breathing sessions
  • Depending on your circumstances, we will establish the duration of your breathing session this can vary from 30mins to 45mins
  • A full session can last from 1hr to 90min 

Individual Session €95,00  OR Couples Session €140,00 first purchase your credit, then you can sign in via our sign in system or our app: crossfitu1

CrossFit U1 – Members 

PURCHASE your PrePaid Card (Rittenkaart) first purchase a credit, then you can sign in via our sign in system or our app, via location Breath Work.: crossfitu1

CrossFit U1 Members Prices: Individual Session €80,00 * Couples Session €110,00 * Small Group Session €200

Non-CrossFit members Prices: Individual Session €95,00 * Couples Session €140,00 * Small Group Session €220 for more information please go to my website: LyndaJayne

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