New Strength Program

  • dec 31, 2022
  • CrossFit U1

Getting Stronger because no one wants to be weak!  

Is your aim to get stronger in 2023? Are you already looking for a Strength program to follow? If your answer is YES to either or both of these questions, then read further. 

We believe in CrossFit, our programming is aimed at getting you stronger, fitter and encouraging you to learn new skills and work harder on improving skills and technique. We hear more and more that our U1er’s want to get stronger. We hear things like I want to gain more muscle mass, how do I get stronger, I feel my fitness is not progressing as fast I want it to, and forth.

We have the answer you are looking for and you can find it at CrossFit U1. At no extra cost!  

Commit yourself to a strength cycle, yes, it’s that easy. We offer Strength Classes every Monday evening and Saturday morning. This is not new, but for so many of you, you want to be stronger but yet you don’t click on Back Hall 6 and sign in or a Strength Class.  

When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.  

Howard Schultz  

We want to challenge you in your quest to get stronger. Starting on the 2nd January we have a 6-week Strength Cycle for you to follow. This cycle is all about building up strength, increasing muscle mass and overall fitness.  

Our Strength classes will be aimed at Functional Body building (FBB), don’t be scared, we are not training you to look like a body builder, we are aiming at building up your muscle mass, by engaging in functional movement patterns. Tried and tested, we reached out to Coach Alejandro to take on his own challenge and offer his expertise on FBB to our U1 athletes by taking on our ‘NEW’ Strength Program.  

So, what is Functional Body building?  

  • The goal of functional body building is to have workouts that favour muscle development. 
  • It combines movements that are also commonly used in CrossFit, that keep your heart rate high.
  • It works on redundant use of the push muscles in a pseudo drop set format…wait what!  Here is an example: When you do push-ups on a regular basis, you can also help strengthen your biceps, shoulders, triceps, chest, and deltoids—not to mention your core. “Basically, the entire upper body muscles get involved, by using FBB. Did this make more sense? If not, you can address this to any Coach at U1, they are there to help you.
  • This Strength program will include a mixture of pure strength together with Functional Body building (FBB). 
  • FBB is a training program in which workouts are designed to favour hypertrophy (Think about super sets, drop sets, etc). 
  • It also addresses other aspects of fitness like conditioning and mobility. 

During the first 6-week cycle we will work on the Back Squat and general upper body strength (Pull & Push). Expect fun workouts that will get you stronger and increase your muscle mass. If you dial up a notch, on your eating habits (eat healthier, we all know what unhealthy eating is, so hands off the junk), you will notice changes in your body quicker, no rocket science there!  

The Classes 

  • The Programming will be the same structure in the Monday and Saturday classes, the accessory movements will change, if you have already attended the Monday class.
  • For best results commit to 2 x a week for a 6-week period. But turning up and doing a strength class, will also work, especially in combination with our Weightlifting classes and of course CrossFit.  

Aimed at: 

Athletes who want to build-up a good foundation of strength or build on there already good foundation of strength. Want more muscle mass. Want to be better in CrossFit. Want to help work on injury prevention. 

What do you want? 

We hope you are as excited about this new Strength Program as we are.  

Let the gains begin! 


Do you already know what your muscle mass is? At Crossfit U1 we also offer a full InBody Scan, which gives you information about your Body Composition. InBody Scan gives you a full reading about you Body Composition, including your fat mass, muscle mass, body fat percentage and much more. To make an appointment please email us: info@crossfitu1.nl


YouTube video explanation HERE

Feedback always welcome. 

Your CrossFit U1 Team