U1 Lift-Off

  • sep 28, 2022
  • CrossFit U1

“Great things never come from your Comfort Zone” Let’s Lift!

CrossFit U1 is proud to announce the 2022 In-House Olympic Weightlifting Competition!

The Competition is open to ALL CrossFit U1 Members regardless of lifting ability and experience.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey we see this as an opportunity to celebrate our fitness, test ourselves, and have some fun within our community. The goal is to spend a great day with people that you daily work-out with, and lift some heavyweights on the platform.

Are you: New to Lifting? Competing for the first time? Don’t worry! The coaches team will be there to give you: Tips for the warm-up, how to attack your lifts, and guide you in any aspect needed.                                                                                           

Competition & Event Details:

  • To Register-Sign in to your app & sign up for this Community Event
  • It will cost you just 1 credit
  • Divisions: Female and Male. No weights classes.
  • Lifting Requirements: Must be injury free. No scaling or adapting lifts will be possible.
  • Others: Bring snacks, drinks, and game face with you
  • Start time of event: 12:30-17:00

Competition Rules:

  1. Each athlete will have 3 attempts to perform Snatch, and Clean+Jerk.
  2. Any style of lifting is allowed: full squat, power, push jerk, power jerk, split jerk etc.
  3. No strict weightlifting rules will be applied i.e. press outs etc.
  4. Each athlete will state his opening lift of both, snatch, and clean+jerk.
  5. The order of lifts will be determined by loading the bar of other athletes. As well as your 2nd and 3rd attempts. Those specific rules will be explained on the day of the competition.
  6. The athlete is not allowed to decrease weights for his next attempt.
  7. The competition will start with Female Snatch lifts, then Male Snatch lifts, then Female Clean+Jerk lifts, and finish with Male Clean+Jerk Lifts.
  8. Everyone who steps on the platform to perform lifts is a winner!
  9. Minimum of 15 lifters required, in order to allow this community to go through.

You miss 100% of the lifts you do not take ! Who’s in ?