The Nationals

  • aug 30, 2022
  • CrossFit U1

U1 Community Event

What is The Nationals & Why sign up for it?  

The Nationals is a competition consisting of 5 online and 1 live event, this is the 6th season. Every month, 2 workouts in your own box.  

The Nationals was established in 2017 and we were fully onboard. We had over 20 U1 Athletes from all levels signed up in no time. We all did a great job, so much so, we won Fittest Box of the year 2017/18, just in case you missed this board, its hanging in Hall 6. We followed up for another year 2018/19. Now three years on, we thought, yes let’s get some sportive completion, up and running again in our box. This is a great community event, whereby a steady crowd of U1er’s come together once a month and give it all they have, to test their own personal fitness, in a safe, supportive and energising setting. It is challenging, exciting and a little nerve wrecking, all at the same time. But remember: 

 And this is what competition is all about, pushing yourself a little harder, seeing what you can achieve, being out of your comfort zone, this is CrossFit. We struggle through training in order to progress, we strive in completion to be better and test our new boundaries. Training is training, completion is completion.

And, here we are, ready to start with the very 1st Event, the Placement WODs. Who’s in ? Get your ticket  HERE

The Placement Event establishes which division you will be placed in based on your score, from the workouts. The higher the points the higher the division. This places you together with other athletes from your own box and other boxes in the Netherlands, who have achieved a similar score.  

The competition has five different levels to play:
– Diamond
– Platinum
– Gold
– Silver
– Bronze
– Iron
By the first Placement Event, you will be placed into one of the 6 divisions, you can’t choose! 

CrossFit U1 will be hosting This community event ‘The Nationals” on the following dates: 

Placement Event 1 – September 24
Event 2 – November 5
Event 3 – December 3
Event 4 – January 7
Event 5 – February 4 

For more info and registration click HERE 

To Buy your ticket click HERE

You will need to register with The Nationals via the above link, the entry fee is €65,00 to join all 5 events. You can sign in for the WODs via our sign in app, at no extra cost. If you don’t want to participate, how about being a judge, a helper or a raving fan, so we can create a great crowd and cheer everyone on.

We look forward to an awe-inspiring crowd of U1 athletes, raring to go!