The Nationals

  • aug 07, 2018
  • CrossFit U1


Season 2

The Nationals is a fitness competition established in 2017. Upon hearing about this competition our members went crazy and 47 athletes signed up for the first season of “The Nationals”. With dedication, determination & drive our athletes came together once a month and completed a season of 10 months with honour, glory & victory, giving Crossfit U1 the title of “Fittest box in the Netherlands”

Season 2 is now upon us! Who’s in? Sign up before the 1.9.2018. All information about “The Nationals” and how to sign up can be found via this link: https://www.thenationals.nl/#/

Crossfit U1 will be hosting this event on the following dates:

Placement WOD 1     7. & 9.SEPT

Mega WOD 2               7.OCT

WOD 3                           4.NOV

Mega WOD 4              9.DEC

We look forward to hosting this great competition, it’s not about the winning it is truly about being apart of an amazing community, coming together once a month, supporting each other and working hard together as one team.

See you at the Box