Donate Food This Christmas

  • dec 10, 2018
  • CrossFit U1

Dear U1er’s

It is the time of good season and with good season comes good deeds. We thought it would be a really nice gesture, to put a collection together for the ‘Voedselbank in Ondiep’. By donating food, we would be helping families less fortunate than ourselves, to celebrate Christmas with enough food on the table. So how can you help, here is a list of items you can donate:

Resources that are very welcome/ Middelen die zeer welkom zijn

Pasta, rice, couscous, mash Potato packets/ pasta, rijst, couscous, aardappelpuree

Pasta sauces, tinned soup/pastasauzen, soep

Breakfast cereals, bread spread (peanut butter, jam)/ontbijtgranen, broodbeleg (jam, pindakaas)

Pancake mix/pannenkoekenmix

Tinned meat or fish/vlees en vis in blik

Tinned fruit & vegetables/groente en fruit in blik

Sunflower oil or olive oil/zonnebloem- of olijfolie

Long life milk/houdbare melk

Basically, anything that has a long shelf life!!!

You can add your donation to the crates & boxes available at CrossFit U1.

If you are still on the burpee list, this is also a great way to get your name removed, donate some food!!!

On the 14th December we will be hosting our ‘Mega Christmas WOD’ This would be a fantastic opportunity to fill up as many boxes as possible, so be sure to bring a little something with you.

This is purely something we would like to do for the local community. We don’t want you to feel pressured in any way.

Your CrossFit U1