Start-up Program & Information

  • Jun 05, 2021
  • superadmin

Welcome to CrossFit U1 & our CrossFit Community.

Here is all the information you need to getting started at Crossfit U1. You have already chosen the correct start-up plan and you have registered, for one of our following plans **

  1. Start-up Month
  2. Start-up Package, 3 months
  3. Lifestyle Package 3 months plus 3 month standard nutrition plan

*For more information about our nutrition plans please CLICK HERE

** All start-up months and packages stop automatically when the time duration has expired, you are not in a contract with us for a monthly subscription.

When you are at the end of your start month/start month package, don’t let all your hard work, sweat and muscle ache be for nothing, hard work pays off, you will become a fitter and stronger YOU. Sign up HERE for a subscription with us:


Plan in your classes via this link: or even better via our app: crossfitu1 (download via app store or playstore) Join our Closed FB group  facebook CrossFit U1 Leden! This is where we also send important up-dates as well as via your our app and e-mails. 

For more information about the classes we offer at U1-Click HERE

Standard: for your first month you can only sign 2 x a week into limited classes, these are:

  • If you are signed into a class & are unable to attend, make sure you sign out 2hrs before the class starts, otherwise you use up 1 credit unnecessarily.  
  • Turning up too late for a class = 5 burpees per minute you are late. 


All NEW U1er’s get a  *FREE* Must Have U1 T-Shirt.
Every new athlete starting at CrossFit U1, receive a CrossFit U1 T-Shirt. It’s a ‘must have’ item. To order your T-Shirt send an e-mail to: with your size & colour preference. We will set a T-Shirt aside for you with your name on it and you can collect this at the counter.


  • Please note, not all colours are available at all times. 

Thank you for your time, if you have any questions please feel free to send us an e-mail or ask one of our coaches at the box or send us an e-mail:
We look forward to seeing you at the Box.