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At CrossFit U1 your experience counts, we offer you exciting, hard-working, fun and varying workouts. 

Our focus is on improving your overall fitness and general physical strength. CrossFit is constantly varied and functional movements performed at a high intensity. Through CrossFit you will become fitter, stronger & healthier, this is a life changing, life style. You will be surrounded by likeminded people, performing the same workouts at their own level of fitness. This creates a dynamic group atmosphere, which in turn pushes you to give it your best shot every workout. Add this together with a great CrossFit community to support & help you reach your goals like you have never experienced before, with this combination it’s not difficult to see why we are completely different than a regular gym! 

CrossFit is an expression, a methodology of training to get you in the best shape of your life. We start off slowly, teaching you the 9 fundamentals movements of CrossFit, which are: 

Squat Series: Air squat, Front Squat & Overhead Squat 

Press Series: Shoulder Press, Push Press & Jerk 

Lift Series: Medicine ball Cleans, Deadlift & Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  

This shows you how to simply move in your body, engage your CORE and proper body positioning. From that point we move to external weight (light) and teach you how to move weight safely and effectively, review basic gymnastic movements and work on proper technique in metabolic movements (cardio). The start is always the hardest, but we are there to help you get through the muscle ache & wipe away your sweat!!! 

All of our CrossFit U1 coaches are certified CrossFit Trainers and are continuously education themselves on a yearly basis to improve on our ability to help YOU get in the best shape of your life! 

Your first class is free of charge; we train everyone from those who have never lifted before to those who compete on a regular basis. Looking for a new way to get fitter & healthier?  

Our door is open and you are more than welcome to walk through and jin our every growing CrossFit Community.  




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