Yes, you can start with CrossFit, this is a very good starting point. CrossFit U1 will put you on the right track to getting fitter & stronger. At Crossfit U1 you will meet like-minded people, who also want to get fitter and lead a healthier life style. We work at different levels 7 all workout can be adapted to your level of fitness. You can start with a trial class to see if CrossFit is something for you or directly write in for a start month, no obligations, a start month automatically runs out after 1 month.

CrossFit can easily be combined with other sports. Due to constantly varying movements of CrossFit our program caters for an all-round fitness, so YES CrossFit is a great extension to other sports.

This is simple to answer and the answer is NO, our program does not work on the basis of bodybuilding training principles, therefore does not promote unnecessary muscle mass. The Top CrossFit female athlete work out 2-3 a day and have been doing so for years. This will only happen to you if you really want to work exceptionally hard and get to the level of a top athlete. But then you really want the muscles to show ! Strong is the new sexy !

CrossFit is for all age groups from 16 to 99. Every workout can be adjusted to the level you are on, this accounts for all age groups. Our coaches ensure that you exercise at the right intensity and will make the correct adjustments where necessary.

With CrossFit you train in a group, these groups can vary from 10-20 athletes, depending on the workout. We all do the same workout at different intensity, depending on your fitness level. You will learn new skills, new movements & correct techniques on how to move your body, move weights & improve on your condition. Group training stimulates you to push yourself a little harder, encourages you to support one another and also have a nice time. At CrossFit U1 you are not a number lost in a fitness gym, you are an athlete getting the most results out of your training.

CrossFit classes are an experience, under the guidance of a professional & experienced CrossFit coach/or coaches (depending on the size of the class). Group training allows the coach time to give you the queues, tips & corrections necessary to help you progress as an athlete. At CrossFit U1 you will be motivated by your coach and other hard-working athletes, to get the best out of your training. This method of training is proven to make you stronger, fitter, healthier & more capable of doing your day to days tasks. CrossFit is truly a great sport to participate in and therefore costs more than average.

You can start by experiencing a CrossFit class: All beginners can sign into a free trial class or attend one of our regular morning classes.
After a trial class you can sign on anytime to our website and sign up for a start month at CrossFit U1.