Getting Started with CrossFit @ U1



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 What to expect when starting CrossFit with us? 

You can expect a warm welcome, social contacts and an introduction to our great community. All new starters have 2x a week membership and work together in the same group creating a small group dynamic. We offer a full introduction month covering all fundamental movements of CrossFit including technical classes in weightlifting and strength. The fundamental movements are divided in three different modules, which we ask all our newbies to follow in Hall 4:

  • Module 1: Air squats, Front squats, Overhead squats   
  • Module 2: Press series
  • Module 3: Deadlift, Med ball cleans   

At CrossFit U1, we value the importance of teaching good technique and a solid foundation in CrossFit. Our experienced coaches are skilled and trained to work with all levels of athletes, working together to help you reach your fitness goals in a safe and sociable environment.  

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via

or  06-57129352 

Is CrossFit something for you? Would you like to try it out? You can do this with our start month or our start month offer. The start month offer includes 3 full months: 1 start month and 2 months 2x a week membership. 

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A start month or a 3 month start offer automatically ends after completion of one month/3 months, you are not in a continues contract.

Start Month Class Schedule, you can sign in 2 x a week in the following classes: