Getting Started with CrossFit

U1 Fundamentals: The right way to start CrossFit!

New starters, start with our series of 12 fundamental classes. These classes are available 2 evenings per week. Fundamentals can be combined with our Morning WODs (workout of the day), U1 Lite, Strength and Weightlifting classes. This is an excellent start in progressing towards to your fitness goal.

Our step for step plan to follow:

The Benefits 

  • The fundamental movements, cover the core movements we use in any CrossFit workout.
  • We don’t just teach you how to do them, we teach you why we do them.
  • Learn the basic techniques and skills.
  • Small groups aimed at more attention and detail.
  • We take time for your questions.
  • You are in a group with ‘New Starters’ together.
  • Being a part of an awesome community.

The Results

  • Become fitter and healthier.
  • Gain confidence with the new movements.
  • Meet new and engaging people.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.

Key Points

  1. CrossFit is for all levels and age groups.
  2. You do not have to be fit to start.
  3. You start to get fit or fitter when you attend classes consistently.
  4. You learn a new and exciting sport.
  5. You will be challenged.
  6. Feeling fit is a great feeling !

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