Start-Up Program & Information

  • Jun 05, 2021
  • CrossFit U1

Welcome to CrossFit U1 & our CrossFit Community.

Here is all the information you need to get started at CrossFit U1. You have already chosen the correct start-up plan and you have registered, for one of our following plans **

Start-up Package 2 months, 2 x per week

Start-up Package 2 months, 3 x per week

** All start-up months and packages stop automatically when the time duration has expired, you are not in a contract with us for a monthly subscription.

When you are at the end of your start month package, don’t let all your hard work, sweat and muscle ache be for nothing, hard work pays off, you will become a fitter and stronger YOU. BECOME A MEMBER AT U1

Plan in your classes via this link: HERE or download our CrossFit U1 appcrossfitu1

Standard: for your first month you can only sign into limited classes, programmed to give you the best start to learning CrossFit.

For more information about our class structures: CLICK HERE

Good to know

  • You have limited access to classes in your first start month. You cannot sign into CrossFit classes in Hall 6 from 17:30-21:30 Mon-Fri. You have access to all classes in your 2nd & 3rd start month.
  • If you are signed into a class & are unable to attend, make sure you sign out 2hrs before the class starts, otherwise you use up 1 credit unnecessarily.  


All NEW U1er’s get a *FREE* Must Have U1 T-Shirt.
Every new athlete starting at CrossFit U1, receive a CrossFit U1 T-Shirt or top. It’s a ‘must have’ item. To order your T-Shirt or top send an e-mail to: with your size & colour preference. We will set a T-Shirt or top aside for you, this you can collect in Hall 6.


We look forward to seeing you at the Box.