Baby Shower for Manon

  • May 28, 2018
  • CrossFit U1

At CrossFit U1 we love any excuse to come together and arrange a special WOD, whereby the bigger the group the better. So when Manon announced her pregnancy & her last working day before going on her maternity leave, we saw an opportunity to give our very first  “Baby Shower WOD”. Totally unbeknown to Manon, we planned in a super funny WOD & showered Manon with cute presents, masses of diapers, good wishes, good lucks & lots of hugs. Huge thank you to all our U1ers’ for donating towards a present but above all, for turning up and being really good sports and playing along with this somewhat unusual WOD, check out our short film below.

Good Luck Manon, enjoy your next few weeks, good luck with the birth and we all look forward to

meeting your beautiful baby boy.

Manon’s Baby Shower WOD

Partner WOD

9 stations (9months pregnant)

40 rep (40 weeks)

34 min time cap (Manon was 34 weeks pregnant)