Physiotherapy@CrossFit U1

At CrossFit U1 next to the changing rooms in hal 4.

Every Tuesday evening is a FREE walk-in for advice with Nica 18.30-19.00, no appointment necessary ! 

An injury, experiencing discomfort or pain as an athlete, is something you want to resolve as quickly as possible. You want to be able to move, work-out & not miss out on your CrossFit classes.  

Via this link you can also make an appointment: 


PHONE, WHATSAPP OR MAIL US ! 06 15 43 80 79 /

The in-house Physiotherapist Fitfactorij at CrossFit U1 offer: 


The medical specialist who can help you with your complaints, in and a round your posture and musculoskeletal system. A physical therapist is described as a specialist in human movement. We treat you with the aim to reduce your physical complaints. 


A manual therapist restores the freedom of movement of your joints, muscles and nervous structures. The purpose of manual therapy is to improve the functioning of the joints, muscles and nerve structures in the human body. This improves postures and movement of your body. The effects of manual therapy are often immediately noticeable: you feel an improvement in the freedom of movement and a decrease in pain. During the treatment our manual therapist uses specific movements in the joints. The manual therapist tries to restore lost mobility or to stabilize too much movement. 


Dry needling is the treatment of trigger points or muscle nodes. Dry needling is an effective treatment method used to address complaints caused by muscle paving. Such as hard-to-feel place in a muscle, also called a trigger point or a button. There may be hardenings in multiple muscles. Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture. Only the same material is used, namely the needle.  


Dry needling,  focusing on muscle hardening, trigger points, briefly punctured with a needle. You do not feel the insertion of the needle. The muscle can contract with piercing muscle hardening. This gives a kind of cramp and / or shock feeling for a short time and can be accompanied by some local pain and sometimes a radiating feeling. After that, the muscle usually relaxes immediately. It can also happen that you perspire and that you feel tired for a while. Do not worry, you will recover quickly. 

Opening times:

  • Tuesdays from 13.00hr till 21.00hr
  • Thursdays from 9.00hr till 12.00hr and from 13.00hr till 21.00hr
  • Saturdays from 9.00hr till 13.00hr