Programming Hall 6 Week 28

  • jul 07, 2019
  • CrossFit U1

8.7.2019 – Monday

Skill development and drills:

Pull up shoulder circles

Chin over bar hang 3 x 20sec+

Kipping and butterfly pull up technique



20min AMRAP

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Air squats

Rx = straight body push ups! Extending and flexing the lower back to complete the push up will be considered scaled.


9.7.2019 – Tuesday

Skill development and drills:

Bench press arch technique


4 Rounds for time:

25 Bench presses (55/35kg)

25 Dumbbell snatches (22.5/15kg) – Rx+ = 30/22.5kg

100m D-ball carry (70/50kg) 


10.7.2019 – Wednesday

Skill development and drills:

Bar muscle up technique

Double and triple under practice


Every 3min for 18min:

50 Double unders

20 Russian swings (40/32kg)

10 Bar muscle ups / 10 strict chest to bar pull ups


11.7.2019 – Thursday

Skill development and drills:

Handstand push up technique:

Crow hold

Headstand hold

Handstand hold

Wall walks


Buy in: 50 Wall balls (9/6kg) – (Rx+ = 30/20lb)


Handstand push ups (Rx+ = wall facing, Sc = 2x push ups)

Burpee box jumps (30/24”)

Cash out: 50 Assault bike calories


12.7.2019 – Friday

Skill development and drills:

Rowing technique

Pose running drills


For time:

200m run

20 Toes to bar (Sc = 30 L ups)

200m row

400m run

40 overhead lunge walk steps (20/15kg)

400m row

700m run

70 Plate thrusters (20/15kg)

700m row


13.7.2019 – Saturday

Skill development and drills:

Power clean technique


“Pendlay total”

1RM Back squat

1RM Push press

1RM Power clean


14.7.2019 – Sunday

Skill development and drills:

Snatch mobility and technique practice


“Squat Isabel”

30 (Squat) snatches for time (61/43kg)