Programming Hall 6 Week 26

  • jun 23, 2019
  • CrossFit U1

24.6.2019 – Monday

Skill development and drills:

Pistol mobility and technique

Double under practice


16min ladder:

3,6,9,12…Push ups (Rx+ = clapping push ups)

2,4,6,8…Pistol squats (Sc = weighted box step ups)

10,15,20,25…Double unders

Post WOD:

Accumulate 3min in hollow hold / L-sit


25.6.2019 – Tuesday

Skill development and drills:

Toes to bar technique

Plyometric drills


8 Rounds for time:

9 Devil presses (15/10kg per hand)

12 Toes to bar (Sc = knees to elbow)

Every 90sec, sprint 100m.


26.6.2019 – Wednesday

Skill development and drills:

Power snatch technique


14min AMRAP:

1 Rope climb (Rx+ = legless)

3 Power snatch (60/40kg)

9 Wall balls @ 9/6kg (Rx+ = 30/20lb)


27.6.2019 – Thursday

Skill development and drills:

Clean and jerk technique drills


Every 2min, for 20min:

1 Clean and jerk (start moderately heavy, increase weight every round)

14 Burpees over the bar

Post WOD:

Accumulate 2min at the top of a ring support hold (with external rotation)


28.6.2019 – Friday

Skill development and drills:

Rowing technique


5 Rounds for time:

20 Ring dips (Rx+ = strict)

35/27 Rowing calories

10m D-ball roll (70/50kg)


29.6.2019 – Saturday


5 Rounds for time:

400m run

30 Box jumps (24/20”)

30 Wall balls (9/6kg)


30.6.2019 – Sunday

Skill development and drills:

Bench press technique

Hamstring mobility


A) Bench press (RPE 8-9)

6 x 3

B) Romanian deadlift (RPE 7-8)

4 x 10

Post WOD:

30 Unbroken Bulgarian split squats per leg. Start on weaker leg. (Add weight if possible)