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  • dec 23, 2021
  • CrossFit U1


Warm up A. General

EMOM 6min
Min 1- 30s Burpees + 10 Recovery Air Squats
Min 2- 30s max push ups + 10 mountain climbers
Min 3- 20s Hollow body

B. Mobility Barbell front rack mobility drill 30s/side

C. Specific 2 rounds

10 Lying WY’s
10 Shoulder Taps in plank position
10 Ankle Taps in plank position: Plank position into downward touching opposite ankle.

WOD A) Weightlifting

EMOM x 6mins 1-3 Wall walks

WOD B) Metcon


Jump Squats
Lying Leg raises

Rest 5 minutes


Alternating Unilateral RDL with reach (touch the ground)
Lying Back Extension

Rest 5 minutes


Alternating Curtsy Lunges

Jump Squats – Air squats
Lying Leg raises – Lying knee tucks – Alternating knee tucks
Unilateral RDL – Touch higher

*Extra Not for time just quality

Wod D) Core (endurance)
3 rounds
50 Abmat Sit-ups
90 second reverse plank hold


Warmin up A.General
Tabata (8 rounds)

Air squats
Push ups

Perform 20 sec air squats followed by 10 sec push ups

Warming up B. Specific
3 rounds
10 inchworms
20 A skips (no forward movement)

Wod a) Metcon 5 rounds
400m run or 2 min run
25 push ups
50 Double unders (30 jumping Jacks)
25 Toe Touches

*Modifications: Run:
– Mountain Climbers
– Double Unders
– Jumping knee tucks
– High knees

*Modifications Push ups:
– On knees
– Elevated

*Modifications Double unders:
– Plate hops (or other surface)

*Modifications Toe Touches:
– Hollow Ups
– Sky touches

Wod b) Core
Side plank 3 x 40 seconds/side


Warm up A. 3 rounds:

20 Plank Toilet roll stepovers
15 Plank toilet roll reach
10 Toilet roll Thrusters
5 Toilet roll Sit ups

Warm-up B.

20 High knees
15 ait squats
10 walk outs
5 inverted burpees

WOD: 20 Min EMOM (5 Rounds)

Min.1 Max High knees
Min.2 Max Inverted burpees
Min.3 Max Air squats
Min.4 Max Walk outs


Warm-up A; 3 rounds:

1 minute Run on place, nose breathing
20 seconds Deep Squat hold

Warm-up B.

Goblet squat hold + shift (Isometric)
3 x 30sec

Followed by:

2 sets
7/7 Reverse lunges
7/7 Single leg Glute bridge
20/20 lateral jumps( 40 total)

WOD A) EMOM x 6mins
15-20 odd object Thrusters (Backpack/Sandbag/Heavy object…)

WOD B) 6 Rounds for time:

400m Run
30 Alternating Walking lunges
30 recovery air squats

Go to a park or empty road. For the people living around Julianapark the inner grass circle near the playground is 400 meters.



Jumping jacks 2 minutes with easy, nose breathing

7 Scap pulls (Hold every rep for 2 seconds) squeeze shoulder blades together
3 Wall climb (Hold last rep for 10 seconds)

WOD A) EMOM x 8mins

Odd: Single arm Backpack press 20 seconds/ per arm
Even: Single arm Backpack row 20 seconds/ per arm

WOD B) 5 rounds for time:

25 Burpees
25 V-ups, scaling: sit ups



Warm up A; 2 rounds:

1 minute Run, nose breathing
20 seconds/elbow Side plank
5/5 Dead bugs

Warm up B; Hamstring stretch:

5 repetitions/each side
– 5-10 seconds contraction, pushing with your feet
– 5-10 seconds stretch, pulling your feet toward you before the next set

Warm up C; E.M.O.M. 6 minutes:

Odd: 20s high knees @RPE 7/8
Even: 3-5 Inch worms


Advanced: 10 mins Broomstick/bar Squat snatch practice
Beginners: 10 mins Broomstick overhead squat practice

WOD B) Amrap 14Min:

10 Sandbag Ground To Overhead
50 lateral hops
12 Burpees

Urging athletes to get creative again, find something you can take from the floor and bring it overhead.

Ideas beyond an actual sandbag:
-Backpack filled with weight
-Bag of cement mix
-Grocery bag filled with weight

Adjust reps as necessary to the weight of your object.


Warming up A:

3mins of shuttle runs @ RPE 7, nose breathing

Place 2 cones or water bottles with 5 meter distance between them

Warming up B: 2 sets

20 hollow rocks
5 Pause burpees*
10 toe taps on Box

*5 sec.pause with the feet beside the hands for added hip mobility

WOD) Amrap 20 min:

30 Box jumps/30 chair or couch step ups
30 Sit-ups
30 Odd object shoulder to overhead
30 Odd object Deadlift

Odd Object ideas:

Case of water,
Grocery bags,

Just get creative !

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