Home WOD #8

  • mrt 22, 2020
  • CrossFit U1


Warm up A

3 rounds 

1 minute Run on place, nose breathing 

20 seconds Deep Squat hold 

Warm up B

Goblet squat hold + shift (Isometric)

3 x 30sec


2 sets 

7/7 Reverse lunges 

7/7 Single leg Glute bridge 

20/20 lateral jumps( 40 total)

WOD a) EMOM x 6mins 

15-20 odd object Thrusters (Backpack/sandbag/heavy object…..)


WOD b) 6 Rounds for time

400m Run 

30 Alternating Walking lunges 

30 recovery air squats


Go to a park or empty road

For people around Julianapark the inner grass circle near the playground is 400 meters.

Post results WOD a + WOD b in the comments please 🙂

Have fun