Home WOD #14

  • mrt 29, 2020
  • CrossFit U1

 29.3.2020 Live at 11:00 


Live via Zoom & Closed FB group at 11:00

Warming up A.

50 Skipping on place

25 Alt.Lunges

50 skipping on place

25 Alt.Lunges


Warming up B.

2x  45 sec. Double Tricep/Lat Stretch


WOD: For Time:

75 odd object front squats 

250 Double unders or 750 singles

30 Odd object single arm ohs 15/15 per hand

250 Double unders or 750 singles

75 odd object front squats

Odd object 

A fabric grocery bag or backpack, something with a handle or strap will work well here. Please be safe and use scaling options if you don’t have access to anything at all. 

Scaling Options: 

OHS -60 PVC/broomstick overhead squats ensuring to move with focus on shoulder stability

Double or single under scaling:

Perform 150 mountain climbers