Home WOD #10

  • mrt 24, 2020
  • CrossFit U1


Warm up A  2 rounds 

1 minute Run, nose breathing 

20 seconds/elbow Side plank 

5/5 Dead bugs

Warm up B. Hamstring stretch 

5 repetitions/each side 

– 5-10 seconds contraction, pushing with your feet

 – 5-10 seconds stretch, pulling your feet toward you before the next set 


Warm up C. EMOM 6 

Odd: 20s high knees @RPE 7/8 

Even: 3-5 Inch worms

WOD a)

Advanced: 10 mins Broomstick/bar Squat snatch practise

Beginners: 10 mins Broomstick overhead squat practice.


WOD b) Amrap 14Min

10 Sandbag Ground To Overhead 

50 lateral hops 

12 Burpees

Urging athletes to get creative again, find something you can take from the floor and bring it overhead. Ideas beyond an actual sandbag.


 -Backpack filled with weight

 -Bag of cement mix 

 -Grocery bag filled with weight Adjust reps as necessary to the weight of your object.

We are loving all the creativity guys, post your score in our closed FB group.