Programming Hall 4 Week 10

  • mrt 03, 2019
  • CrossFit U1

U1 Lite:

Wednesday 6.3.2019

KB Swing
CORE warm up
3 x 40m walking lunges

For time:
KB Swing RUSSIAN 20/16kg
AbMat Sit Ups

Thursday 7.3.2019

General Warm Up
Box Jumps
3 x 20m broad jumps

5 Rounds for time:
12 Box Jumps
12 Push Ups
12 Ring Rows

Saturday 9.3.2019

General Wam Up
DB Snatch
4 x 250m ROW SPRINT

Partner WOD
For time:
200m run
20+20 DB Alternating Snatches 15/10kg
200m run
30+30 Push Ups
200m run
40+40 Sit Ups
200m run
50+50 Air Squats

U1 Strongman:

Let op: 5 weken tijdens the Open zijn er GEEN Strongman work-outs



Monday 4.3.2019

General warm-up
Obstacle demo + practice

7 rounds for time:
Quarter pipe
Vertical wall
Inverted wall
Hang parcours or full monkey bar
20m double KB walking lunges (16/12 kg)

Friday 8.3.2019

General warm-up
Skill practice: Schipperslag

EMOM 24 min
Minute 1: 12/9 cal ski-erg
Minute 2: 8 Burpee over the balance beam
Minute 3: Monkey bars (scaled = 10 ring rows)
Minute 4: 3 rope climbs (scaled = 10-15 sec rope hang)

U1 Endurance Indoor:

Wednesday 6.3.2019

Partner WOD
10 min AMRAP:
Buddy A: D-Ball Carry 35/20kg (20m=1rep)
Buddy B: Kcal Bike
Score= total of both
REST 2 min
8 min AMRAP:
Buddy A: Walking Lunges (20m=1 rep)
Buddy B: Burpees
Score= total of both
REST 4 min
6 min AMRAP:
Buddy A: Sprint run (20m=1 rep)
Buddy B: Kcal ROW
Score= total of both