• mei 31, 2022
  • CrossFit U1
Dear U1ers’,
This week we are hosting Test week nr 1.
Yes again, and this time we hope there won’t be any more lockdowns coming, in 6 months we will be able to run it again and retest it.
Test week nr 2 will be hosted in 3 months and retest again after 6 months.
What is a U1 test week?
Our test week is, a series of workouts that are designed to test different modules of fitness, that CrossFit is based on, i.e. absolute strength, power, stamina, endurance, cardiovascular capacity etc.
The easiest way to see and track your progress is to set-up a benchmark workout, test it, and note the results. Afterward, follow specific programming, in this case, programming of CrossFit U1, that I have the honour and privilege to provide, and in the given time period, retest it to see if there is any noticeable progress. We will retest the exact same workouts a 6 months period.
1. Make sure you log your score in your SportBit app. This is the best and easiest way to clearly track your progress.
2. You can do all workouts, or just pick the one you like. Most importantly, in 6 months you will redo exactly the same workout as you will do during the this test week.
3. Please approach workouts with intent, don’t be afraid to scale down if needed, give it your best, and have fun. Ask your coach for any tips and strategies.
Good luck,
Coach Damian & Team U1