The 30 day Squat challenge

  • feb 17, 2021
  • superadmin

The Squat Challenge, it’s time to sign up and work on that squat of yours!

Your Squat Challenge starts HERE

Do you have trouble with your squat? JOIN US – CROSSFIT U1 squat challenge  

Step for step 

  1. Sign up for the challenge CLICK HERE
  2. Send us via WhatsApp or e-mail a film of your squat, front & side view to Paul: e-mail: info@crossfitu1.nl or WhatsApp to: 0657129352, you will receive feedback on your squat, MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOUR NAME WHEN SENDING A WHATSAPP.
  3. Watch this short film, so you know what to send us: Send us a film of your squat
  4. Start your challenge, 3 x a week for 30 days.  

Instructions Films 

Warm-up exercises before you squat = 5-8mins work 

Watch this short film: Your warm up for the squat challenge 


The Chinese Squat = With a running clock of 5 mins work for quality, accumulate as much time in the 5 mins in the actual chines squat, see if you can improve on this each time. 

Goal: To be able to hold your chest up, open your hips and sit deeper in a squat. 

The Wall Squat = 10 wall squats, 3 rounds, for quality this may take approximately 3-5mins. 

Goal: Start as near to the wall as possible, without touching the wall, with your arms, head or knees, this is different for everyone, best to place a marker on the floor, like a piece of tape, so you can work on keeping an upright position. When you have achieved this, the challenge is to get as close to the wall a possible.  

The Challenge-Watch this short film:CrossFit U1 The 30 day Squat Challenge 


Be committed 

You are about to commit to working on your squat for approximately 10-15mins per day, for 3 days a week, total time per week is approximately 30-45 mins. Work on quality. 

If you need more motivation to help you out, reach out to other U1er’s on the list or ask a friend to join you in this challenge.  

Remember, improving on your squat and sticking to this challenge, will most certainly help you improve in certain CrossFit movements, for example front & back squat, easier air squats, wall balls, the burpee, thrusters and cleans, to name the most common CrossFit movements. 

When the challenge is over, show us how well your squat is looking and send us another film of yourself squatting, front & side view. We look forward to helping as many U1er’s as possible work on their squat.  

Let’s Squat guys!