Lockdown information @U1

  • jan 15, 2021
  • superadmin


Dear U1ers’,

Here is an overview of what we are busy with during the extended 2nd lockdown. WE ASK YOU ALL TO PLEASE READ YOUR UP-DATES, WE POST OUT ON AVERAGE 2-3 PER WEEK, THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

Home WODs : 

We have 2 kinds of Home WODs available for everyone to follow at Home.

  1. Body Weight- https://crossfitu1.nl/wod/programming-home-wods-week-6/
  2. With KB or DB (Strength) – https://crossfitu1.nl/wod/programming-home-wods-week-6/

CrossFit is measurable and repeatable, the aim of the Home WODs are to repeat them over a course of 4 weeks & better your score, improve on all the exercises and check your progress.

The new cycle for the Home WODs start on Monday the 15th February

Outdoor Open Gym

We hope as many of you as possible can join us outside at U1, we have 12 platforms outside, all equipement is placed at the entrance to Hall 4, you can just collect what you need for your outside workout. We ask you all to READ & follow these few simply measures:

  • Arrive on time, not too early!
  • Keep your distance, from others U1er’s training, by all means chat and have fun, just keep 1,5m distancing.
  • Wear a coloured training bib (ask your coach)
  • Do not enter Hall 4 or Hall 6, if you need something then ask our U1 Coaches
  • Clean all your equipment after use
  • Place all your equipment orderly back where it belongs, on the pallets
  • Follow the list below, for equipment you can use outside when it RAINS !!!! Very important. 

At present we cannot offer groups classes, but we can offer you the option to follow our Outdoor Programming WODs, these are posted out every week on our website under WOD & you can see the WOD also via your CrossFit U1 App.

PROGRAMMING Outside Open Gym: https://crossfitu1.nl/wod/programming-outside-open-gym-week-6/

Equipment Available at all times:

  • Barbells & bumper plates
  • Fat bars
  • Farmer Handles
  •  D-Balls
  • Sandbags
  • Jump Boxes
  • DB (limited weights, we lent out most of them)
  • KB (limited weights)
  • Assault Bikes
  • Rowers
  • Squat Stands
  • Benches
  • Bands
  • Atlas Stones (use on a mat please)

Equipment you can use when it is raining

  • Fat bars
  • Farmer Handles
  • Bumper plates
  •  D-Balls
  • Sandbags
  • DB (limited weights, we lent out most of them)
  • KB (limited weights)
  • Bands
  • Atlas Stones (use on a mat please)

There will always be a U1 Coach at the box, during these time slots, if you need anything please ask. Timer and music also available. We hope we can make you happy with this arrangement & we hope to be able to start back at U1 ASAP.

Did you borrow equipment from us?

Due to the extended lockdown period, you can all still use the equipment you have borrowed. We will be inviting you all, via e-mail which date you need to return your equipment. So please use what you have, yes use it !!!! Keep up with the Home WODs, keep moving, stay as fit as possible, log your scores, do an open gym, go running, follow our challenge sheet, go for a long walk, keep moving and keep up to date with whats happening at U1.

Thank you for keeping up-to-date with us, we will be staying active and hopefully keeping as many U1er’s active, during the lockdown.

Your CrossFit U1 Team