Programming WOD Week 41

  • Oct 07, 2018
  • CrossFit U1

8.10.2018 – Monday

Skill development and drills:

Kipping/butterfly pull up practice

Bar muscle up development

Shoulder stability drills – 10min


15min EMOM:

3 Pull ups

2 Chest to bar pull ups

1 Bar muscle up

Rx+ = weight vest (9/6kg). Gymnastic rock stars only!!!


9.10.2018 – Tuesday

Skill development and drills:

Basic warm up, stretching and soft tissue release

Rowing technique


A) 6 x 4 per leg barbell reverse lunge (As heavy as possible with great technique)

B) 500m row for time


10.10.2018 – Wednesday

Skill development and drills:

Kipping HSPU practice – butts off the wall!



Handstand push ups


Manmakers (22.5/15kg per hand)


11.10.2018 – Thursday

Skill development and drills:

Overhead squat mobility and technique refinement


5 Rounds for time:

12 Overhead squats (55/37.5kg)

20/15 Assault bike calories


12.10.2018 – Friday

Skill development and drills:

Slamball clean practice – go heavy!


20min AMRAP:

4 Slamball over shoulder cleans (70/50kg)

40 Double unders

15 Abmat sit ups


13.10.2018 – Saturday

Skill development and drills:

Rope climb practice

5-8min plyometric warm up


16min AMRAP, in teams of 3, follow the leader style:

1 Rope climb

3 Box jumps (30/24”)

15m Bear crawl (Rx+ 10m handstand walk)


14.10.2018 – Sunday

Skill development and drills:

Toes to bar rhythm practice

Overhead stability warm up



Alternating dumbbell snatch (22.5/15kg)

Toes to bar