Programming WOD Week 39

  • Sep 23, 2018
  • CrossFit U1

24.9.2018 – Monday

Skill development and drills:

10min shoulder strength and stability drills

10min sprinting drills



6min hang hold

Every drop from the bar:

800m run

30 Push ups


25.9.2018 – Tuesday

Skill development and drills:

Front squat mobility

Rowing sprint start


20min EMOM:

Even: 5 Front squats (bodyweight and taken from rack)

Odd: 200/150m row sprint


26.9.2018 – Wednesday

Skill development and drills:

Toes to bar rhythm practice

5-8min plyometric drills


5 Rounds for time:

3 Legless rope climbs

12 Burpee tuck jumps

12 Toes to bar


27.9.2018 – Thursday

Skill development and drills:

Ring dip mobility and stability practice


8 Sets for quality:

5 Strict ring dips plus external rotation

8 Box jumps (30/24”)


28.9.2018 – Friday

Skill development and drills:

General warm up and mobility work


18min AMRAP:

1 Sandbag pyramid carry (45/40kg)

12 Russian KB swings (40/28kg)

12/9 Assault bike calorie SPRINT


29.9.2018 – Saturday

Charlotte’s birthday WOD:

Buy in 200m sandbag carry (45/40kg)


9 Toes to bar

9 Power cleans (bodyweight)

9 Handstand push ups

Buy out: 40 sandbag squats


30.9.2018 – Sunday

Skill development and drills:

GHD sit up practice

Butterfly pull up shoulder circles


In teams of 4:

200 GHD sit ups

300 Pull ups

400 Push ups

500 Air squats

All 4 work at the same time and have to complete an equal number of reps of each exercise. Change as and when desired.