Programming WOD Week 34

  • Aug 19, 2018
  • CrossFit U1

20.8.2018 – Monday

Skill development and drills:

Basic technical warm up only


30min EMOM:

1: 4 Power cleans (Bodyweight)

2: 6 Handstand push ups

3: 8 Chest to bar pull ups


21.8.2018 – Tuesday

Skill development and drills:

Double under practice

3 x 12 clapping push ups (aim for maximum height)

3 x 8 squat tuck jumps (no resting during the set)



3min AMRAP:

9 Thrusters (40/27.5kg)

35 Double unders

Rest 90sec


3min AMRAP:

6 Thrusters (50/35kg)

25 Double unders

Rest 90sec


3min AMRAP:

3 Thrusters (60/40kg)

15 Double unders


22.8.2018 – Wednesday


Skill development and drills:

3 x 15m per leg single leg bounds

3 x 15m broad jump

3 x 5 per arm single arm med ball throw (3-6kg)


30sec work, 30sec rest:

Max effort assault bike calories

D ball / Sandbag march (70/45kg)

Repeat for 12min


23.8.2018 – Thursday

Skill development and drills:

Toes to bar rhythm practice

Clean and jerk technique and weight build up


20min ladder:

1 Clean and jerk (Bodyweight)

1,2,3,4,5…Toes to bar


24.8.2018 – Friday

Skill development and drills:

Rowing technique practice

10min plyometric jumping practice


16min AMRAP:

10m Broad jumps

15 Russian swings (40/32kg)

10/7 Calories row


25.8.2018 – Saturday

Skill development and drills:

Technical practice only



5 Rounds for time:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang power cleans

6 Power jerks

Rx = 70/47.5kg


26.8.2018 – Sunday

Skill development and drills:

Sprinting warm up

General soft tissue release


6 Rounds for time:

200m sprint

12 Burpees

15 Wall balls (9/6kg)