Programming WOD Week 25

  • Jun 14, 2020
  • CrossFit U1

WOD 15.6.2020


Lunge with rotation x 12 per side
Prisoner squat x 15
Jumping squat x 15
Prone swimmers x 15
Goblet squat x 15
Russian swings x 20
Technique practice and go!

Double KB swings* (20/12kg per hand)
Double KB front squats (20/12kg per hand)

*Russian swings of course. Rx+ = double snatch and KB thrusters.

WOD 16.6.2020


Prisoner squat x 20
Push up to pike x 20
Calf raise with bar on back x 30
Front squat x 15
Push press x 15
Thruster x 10
Double under practice

12min EMOM
1st: 12 Thrusters (40/27kg)
2nd: 50 Double unders
3rd: 12 Burpees

This is way worse than it looks. Have fun.

WOD 17.6.2020


20 Sandbag deadlifts
12 Sandbag to lap
8 Sandbag to chest
4 Sandbag cleans
Practice push up technique

20 Lunges
12 Jumping lunges
8 Sandbag lunges

Every 3min for 15min
6 Sandbag to shoulder cleans (NOT over shoulder)
12 Alternating sandbag lunges (sandbag can be held any way you like)
20 Push ups

Rx = 65/45kg

The faster you finish, the more you get to rest.

WOD 18.6.2020


Hip sequence x 30sec per hold
Lunge with rotation x 12 per side
Reverse lunge to pistol x 8 per leg
Pistol practice and scaling
Build up deadlift

5 Rounds for time
8 Deadlifts (80/50kg)
14 Pistol squats

WOD 19.6.2020


General warm up – coaches choice

3 Rounds for time
700m run
35/26 Kcal bike/row/ski
30 Burpees

WOD 20.6.2020


Air squat x 20
Box step ups x 20
Squat jumps x 15
Box jumps x 10
Snatch technique practice – coach’s choice

Box jump overs
Hang power snatches
Overhead squats

Rx = 45/30kg

WOD 21.6.2020


Cat and cow x 12
Lunge with rotation x 12 per side
Prisoner squat x 20
Mobility = coach’s choice
Push up and pistol technique

20min AMRAP
12 Front squats (50/35kg)
6 Shoulder to overheads (50/35kg)
12 Pistols
18 Push ups