Programming Lite Week 21

  • May 17, 2020
  • CrossFit U1

U1 Lite


Technique/focus: V ups & D-Ball To shoulder

Wod: 20 min Amrap.
6 V ups
8 Alt. D-Ball to shoulder
10 Alt D- ball lunges


Technique/focus: Step over/wall ball/Abmat sit up

Wod A: 14Min AMRAP
8 Box Step overs with Med ball 16/14 inch
*10 Wall Balls in Air 20/14″
20 Med ball Abmat situps

*Every time you drop the ball on the floor 3 burpee penalty!!!!

Wod B: 4 rounds for quality
1Min plank ups
45 Sec rest



Technique/focus: Hang power snatch

15min AMRAP:
*1min max Front Squats 20/15 kg (Work 45 sec max-15 sec rest)
*1min max Rowing for calories
*1min max hang power snatches 20/15 kg
*1min max Burpees for reps
1min rest
*(Work 45 sec max-15 sec rest)