Programming Hall 6 Week 28

  • Jul 05, 2020
  • CrossFit U1

WOD 6.7.2020

5 Rounds for max reps
30sec max reps assault bike calories
Rest 30sec
30sec max reps hang power cleans @ 40/27kg
Rest 30sec
30sec max reps burpees over the bar
Rest 30sec

WOD 7.7.2020

A) Back squat
Build up to a 3RM

B) 10min AMRAP
8 Kipping pull ups
12 Overhead squats (45/30kg)

WOD 8.7.2020

5 Rounds for max reps
1min Wall balls @ 9/6kg
1min Ring rows
1min Double DB hang muscle cleans (15/10kg per hand)
1min rest

WOD 9.7.2020

18min AMRAP
30/23 Rowing calories
12 Deadlifts (100/65kg)

WOD 10.7.2020

4 Rounds for time
15 Hang power snatches (35/22kg)
50 Double unders
15 Thrusters (35/22kg)
18/14 Assault bike calories

WOD 11.7.2020

Buddy workout
For time:
3km row (alternate every 500m)
100 Burpees (1 works, 1 rests)
60 Sandbag over shoulder cleans (65/45kg, 1 works, 1 rests)

WOD 12.7.2020

A) Power clean
Build up to a heavy single (10min cap)

B) Grace
30 Clean and jerks for time @ 61/43kg