Programming Hall 4 Week 20

  • May 12, 2019
  • CrossFit U1

U1 Lite:

Monday 13.5.2019

Push Press
Hollow Position / Hollow Rock
3 x 10 Lu Raises
3 x 10 per arm External Rotation with Elastic

15 Push Presses 32/22kg
15/12 Kcal Bike
15 Abmat Sit Ups / 20 Hollow Rock

Wednesday 15.5.2019

Dball Over Shoulder Clean Technique
SPRINT Row Technique
Posterior chain mobility and warm up
3 x 12 per arm bent Over Row

16min AMRAP
200m ROW
5 Dball Over Shoulder Clean 35/20kg

Thursday 16.5.2019

General Warm Up
Box Jump Practice
3 x 10 per arm strict shoulder press
3 x 10 per leg bulgarian split squats

12 Weighted Step Ups 12/8kg
12 Push Ups
200 m RUN

Saturday 18.5.2019

General Warm Up
CORE Warm Up
Push Up Practice
2 x 40 Stiff Leg Bear Crawl

Partner WOD
Complete for time:
200/180/160 kcal BIKE
* every time when partners will switch on bike, both have to perform:
10 Synchronized AbMat Sit Ups
6 Synchronized Push Ups


U1 Strongman:

Saturday 18.5.2019

Event 1:

3 Attempts at max distance

Sled push


Load up to 3 x bodyweight on a sled and push it the maximum distance in 30sec. Cap = 20m.

Event 2:

2 Attempts at max reps

D-ball squat


Hug a D-ball (70/50kg) to the chest and perform as many full range of motion squats as possible without dropping the ball.


U1 Endurance Indoor:

Monday 13.5.2019

10 Rounds x 4min
In 4 min window perform :
10 Burpees
15 Goblet Squats 32/24kg
15/10 kcal Bike
* time left = REST

Wednesday 15.5.2019

Partner WOD
Complete for time:
400/360/320 Kcal ROW
Partner A: Rows
Partner B: Bear Hug Dball 50/35kg
* Every 3 min = 10 Burpees per person
* If Dball drops – rowing has to stop