Programming Hall 4 Week 11

  • Mar 10, 2019
  • CrossFit U1

U1 Lite:

Wednesday 13.3.2019

General Warm Up
3 x 20 Hollow Rock
3 x 15 Goblet Squat
3 x 10 Push Ups

Crossfit Open 12.1
AMRAP 7min
REST 3 min
Tabata Push Press

Thursday 14.3.2019

Row Technique
3 x 40m sled pull AS Heavy AS Possible

6 rounds for time:
15 Kcal BIKE / ROW
20 Deadlifts 72/52kg

Saturday 16.3.2019

Row technique
Posterior Chain Mobility
Push Ups Practice

Partner WOD
Complete 5km ROW*
Every 3 min (starting from minute 0:00, 3:00, 6:00 etc)
perform 5 Push Ups

U1 Strongman:

Let op: 5 weken tijdens the Open zijn er GEEN Strongman work-outs



Monday 11.3.2019

Focus: Teamwork

In teams of 3-4, for time:
4x Vertical net + cargo-net (as a team)
4x Horizontal net (as a team)
5x rope climbs (per team member)
5x 20m D-ball walk (50/35kg) (per team member)
2x 75-100 kcal row (per team)

Friday 15.3.2019

General warm-up
Practice quarter pipe + walls

For time;
12x Quarter pipe + walls
200m farmers walk (with handles) 1,5x/1x BW
200 Goblet squats (20/16 kg)

Sunday 17.3.2019

General warm-up
Skill: Monkey bar & hang parcours practice

AMRAP 20 min
Monkey bars
5x Burpee box jump-overs
One arm KB OH over the balance beam
12/10 cal Assault bike

U1 Endurance Indoor:

Wednesday 13.3.2019

Teams of 4
36 min AMRAP:
8 Rope Sled Pulls*
32 Kcal Bike
64 Push Ups
* Rope sled pull – 20% of team total body weight ( including sled )
-All 4 team member can work at the same time.
-2 Bikes per team.