Waiting List

Due to our popularity, high standards of CrossFit & our amazing community, CrossFit U1 has reached it’s maximum capacity and we are therefore working with a waiting list system. As a commitment to our members, we do not want to increase our class sizes to reach demand, we have a standard we want to keep. If you would like to be a part of our community, please add yourself to our waiting list. We are working towards welcoming you to Crossfit U1 as soon as possible. Our waiting list will be systematically worked off. Regardless of our waiting list you are more than welcome to sign up for a free trial class & experience a CrossFit beginners class. Please sign up below ‘trial class’

Would you like to become a member at U1? Place yourself on our waiting list, see below ‘yes please add me to your waiting list’ we will contact you as soon as possible so you can start with CrossFit.

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